New t-shirts/mugs “Qubits”

I set myself a brief to design a t-shirt that might be worn by the character Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. I settled on Quantum Computing as the subject, specifically the quantum bit, or qubit. In traditional computing a bit is the smallest piece of information you can store, and each bit represents… Read more »

Coda Plugin for WordPress Hook completion

WordPress hides a lot of functionality behind its filter/action hooks. Unfortunately these are generally inaccessible to many an IDE via code completion because they’re held within opaque strings. Coda, my preferred IDE, is affected, but since it’s extensible there are many plugins available to provide additional functionality. As I was unable to find a plugin… Read more »

Hallowe’en event icon

  I created this logo to promote the local film club’s Hallowe’en event, due to take place later this year. It incorporates Michael Myers’ kitchen knife and the wiccan motif used in the Blair Witch films to add a little horror to the club’s usual identity.