Sleep tight Ruby Roo.

Today’s been a difficult day. Ruby, the company figurehead and our beloved dog, was released from the pain of crippling arthritis that has blighted her recently. She’s been on all the drugs of late but as her mobility steadily decreased to the point where she’s been largely restricted to a single room of the house, her quality of life was clearly suffering.

We’ve been giving her every treat we can over the last week, in the knowledge this day was coming. She’s had Chinese crispy duck twice and I’ve had to deal with the consequences of the terribly rich diet she’s been having.

This morning I took her to the beach for one last look at the sea and fed her chicken breast and liver pate til she could eat no more. That’s a first for Ruby, not being able to eat another morsel.

You’ll be sorely missed, Ruby Roo. We love you.

31/10/2003 – 24/3/2018